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Welcome to

Sky Agency

First Trader Portal for local and forign investors

Consulting Services

Whether you are in advance of doing your own business, have trouble growing your business, or are experiencing a management defect. We at Sky offer you all the solutions you need, learn more about the market, competitors and the public and determine your relationship with your customers and all aspects affecting investment

  • Consulting business deals

  • General Consultation

  • Accounting Consultin

  • Legal Consulting

Project Management Services

Project management is one of the most practical ways to complete the project successfully, taking into account the quality, time and cost factors as it is one of the most important objectives to increase productivity and reduce cost and then reduce expenses, so we can complete the project according to the budget and do all the tasks required for the success of the project

  • Project management with monthly contracts

  • Recruitment and training of administrative staff

  • Build strategic plans for the operation of the project

Design and Marketing Services

A distinctive visual identity in a market crowded with elements of visual advertising is one of the most important factors for the success of the promotion of any company or institution, as the visual identity plays an important role in the way that companies present themselves to customers locally and globally for the success of the project

  • Visual identity design for individuals / restaurants / companies

  • Interior Design

  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

  • Quality control and management

Foreign Investor Services

Whether you are a resident of the State of Qatar or not and intend to do your own business and get many offers and opportunities, Sky offers you all the services required and the guidance you need to make the impossible in your view possible

  • Project establishment services

  • Domestic Partnership Services